How can I help my child at home?

How can I help my child at home

How can I explain about Dyslexia to my child?

You can view and share our booklet 'Understanding Dyslexia', which was written by a parent and child, specifically for parents and children. The booklet is available in two versions, one for primary age and one for secondary aged children.Click here

Helpful information is also available via the CBBC Newsround website here

How can I support my child's reading, spelling or writing?

You can also view the parent area on the websites of some of the Trust Member organisations.

What about other Specific Learning Difficulties?

Other useful links for support of those with Specific Learning Difficulties are:

Other Resources

  • Schools And Local Authorities

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Thursday 14th January 2016

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Wednesday 1st April 2015

Dyslexia-SpLD Trust coalition to support schools

The Dyslexia-SpLD Trust continues its work to provide expert advice, support materials and...

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